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Norton Parish Council

Pond restoration and the village green

The Spiers’ family are very kindly donating the village green and pond to the village. We are now going through the legal processes to complete the transfer of the land.

The aim is to convert the green and the pond to more of a conservation area, attracting the natural fauna and flora of the parish.Over the last few years the flag irises dominated the pond and with digging test pits in the Autumn, we discovered that there was about 12 to 18 inches of silt at the bottom.

So the plan was to remove the silt before the Spring sets in. De-silting would also reduce the dominance of the flag iris allowing other plants to grow.

The silt has been removed and slight reshaping has taken place. The edges of the pond and the island are less steep allowing more edge plants to grow and easier access for any amphibians and other fauna that care to visit.  We will now leave it for a year to see what happens and then plan accordingly.